Everything is going along just lovely with our wedding planning. Today we ordered our wedding bands so there are a small set of busy fingers working away in Germany to create the worlds most beautiful wedding rings.


The flowers are sort of done. Well technically they’re probably still growing, but the ideas are there at least. We just have to decide on type, color, size, and arangement. 🙂

The reception is being held at Terrace Fifty Five Food and Wine. We booked the art gallery on the second floor, a beautiful room which boasts original drawings of Winni the Poo (FYI). The facility is located in Winnipeg’s Assinaboine Park and is surrounded by flower gardens, lots of grass and trees, … and the zoo. If we are lucky we’re hoping to get a wedding picture with the giraffs. Click on above picture for link to location.

Those of you who haven’t RSVP’d yet, you should do it now. 🙂

The excitement grows with each day as we look forward to seeing all of you and above all marrying each other.


Hugs from,
Jacqueline & Håvard

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