Monthly Letter | Seven Months

Seven months old!

When you were a newborn, we were sure it was impossible to love anything more than we loved you at that moment. Our friends told us, «Just you wait, it gets better and better.» I couldn’t understand how this was possible, but now I do. Each day with you brings something new, each milestone and stage brings new wonder and amazement.

Pappa, Svigerfar og Farfar

En stor helt i mitt liv fylte år idag (06.12). Dette portettet er et av de bedre jeg har tatt. Ikke at det er det beste fototekninsk, men pga den gleden av å høre sin far fortsatt snakke om DET bildet av seg. Dette bildet ble tatt i forbindelse min fotofaglige svenneprøve i 2001. Klart man består med et slikt sjarmerende portrett!

Fall projects

Alpaca neck warmer

This one felt good to finish because I love it and use it all the time. It feels amazing to make something and then actually use it and be satisfied that it was as good or better than something I otherwise would have purchased.READ MORE

Idle Hands

Babies = handicrafts.

I`ve dabbled in knitting in my past, but never came past the basic straight scarf.  When Marielle came along my fingers suddenly itched to create something. I yearned to step confidently into the yarn store at the mall and join the other ladies in the scrutinizing, squeezing and caressing of the skeins of yarn. I suppose it`s instinctual, a part of the nurturing. Woman makes baby, baby needs blanket, mom makes blanket, or hat, scarf, booties etc.

Hairbun #01

Hairbun is inspired by my wife´s hair. My wife has beautiful hair, but often chooses to tie it back in a bun to keep it out of the way.

Monthly Letter | Four Months

Dear Marielle,

This month you have developed sooo much. You`re personality has really exploded out of the small helpless baby we brought home in June. You are a true wild child. You laugh, screech, giggle, cry, talk and use your voice in a amazing ways. You like to be part of the action, talking constantly through dinner parties, gatherings, and to complete strangers.

Sk8er boy!

Armas has turned 9 years old and the one thing he wanted more than anything in the world was a skateboard, a real skateboard. READ MORE