The Squirrel Sweater

I finished my first knitted sweater! It is also my first project with a pattern. Though there are a few mistakes … I am pleased with my first attempt.READ MORE


We met Theo for the first time last weekend. Spending time with friends is always a joy!



Despite the business of being on holidays, wink wink, I managed to kick out a little pair of baby boy booties for a little guy we know. 🙂READ MORE

Ugly Angel

My latest crochet creation. It was a baptism gift so he got wings. 🙂READ MORE


With my maternity leave winding down and the reality of the forty hour work week on the horizon I’m checking off my list of good mommy-housewife things to do.READ MORE


This is my newest yarn creation. It was a gift for a boy celebrating his second birthday. I think he liked it and didn’t seem bothered by the absence of arms. 🙂READ MORE

Monthly Letter | Eight Months

Eight months old and lots to report! You’re personality is developing so much these days. You have new facial expression, moods and ways of letting us know how you feel. Mommy scared you for the first time this month (unintentionally of course) when she turned on the blender while making apple sauce. You’re face snapped from happy to petrified and then came the tears. Sorry about that. 🙂